The JV, to be named as Changzhou Trina Yabang Solar Energy, is aimed at increasing total solar module production capacity to 500MW within the next one year.

The JV, which will be owned 51% by Trina Solar and 49% by Yabang, will acquire the existing module production assets of Changzhou NESL including plants, machinery and equipment.

The equipment will be upgraded by using the combined capital investment and international expertise provided by Trina Solar and Yabang.

To be completed by the end of 2013, the new JV facility will be managed by Trina Solar management.

Trina Solar chairman and CEO Jifan Gao said "The company has entered into the joint venture agreement with Yabang."As we expect the demand for solar modules will continue to grow, particularly in China, Japan and emerging markets, the Joint Venture will strengthen Trina Solar’s market position by delivering much needed extra module production capacity.

"The Joint Venture will enable us to quickly and efficiently increase production capacity in a cost-effective manner."