Transocean CEO Steven Newman on Tuesday testified before a federal judge that the company’s crew made mistakes on the day BP’s Macondo well blew out in 2010, however made it clear that they were not in charge of overall safety on the rig, owned by his company.

During the fourth week of a civil trial to determine blame for the spill, under a question by a Transocean lawyer, Newman said before the court, "We acknowledge that we should have done more."

Newman was appointed as the CEO, for less than two months when the blowout took place, which killed 11 people and caused the worst-ever offshore oil spill in the history of US.

In the trial, Newman said that the rig contractor is compensated by a daily rate paid for providing and operating the rig.

Newman was quoted by Reuters as saying, "We get paid for 24 hours worth of work, so there’s no incentive to take 24 hours worth of work and condense it into 23 hours."

Transocean chief said that the company was responsible for safely performing its own operations on the rig, however the overall responsibility for safety at the well site was with BP.