Transerv Energy announces that Warro-4 retesting operations have been successfully completed.

Over the last week, the gas flows from the “C” sand were maintained at rates between 0.7 and 0.95 mmcfd with associated water rates ranging from 950 to 1500 bwpd.

As the well did not require a jet pump to maintain flow, in-well pressure and temperature logging was successfully carried out while the well was flowing to determine the nature and source of the reservoir fluids.

Warro-4 retesting achieved its objectives and the newly acquired data will now be analysed along with data from Warro-5 & 6 to determine the appropriate next steps for the Warro Project.

Warro wells 4, 5 & 6 are presently being suspended pending the recommendations from analysis work.

Transerv Comment

The increased flow rates (~3 times higher) achieved at Warro-4 are encouraging and in line with outcomes seen in other tight gas fields in the USA where particular “sweet” zones are targeted for production. Accordingly, future field work at Warro could involve fracture stimulation of the untapped, upper “C” sand at Warro-6 or potentially horizontal drilling the “C” reservoir section.