Trans-Asia Power Generation Corporation's (TPGC) $100 million wind farm in Guimaras, Philippines will be operational by 2012.The plant will have 54 megawatt (MW) capacity. The wind turbines will be located at Barangay M Chavez in San Lorenzo town. The wind turbines will be situated in the 50-hectare private property. TPGC has conducted a wind resource assessment in the province in 2008 before going for pre-feasibility study on the viability of the project.

Energy reports said that Guimaras was one of areas in the country which was being considered as possible sites for wind power farms by private investors.

In their long term, the company wants to increase the power generating capacity of the windmills from 54 MW to 200 MW.

TPGC’s sister company, Trans-Asia Oil and Development Corporation will undertake the wind farm project.

The owners of the properties in the proposed location of the project are willing to sell the property to become the site of the wind turbines. Each wind turbine has the size of 70 to 80 meters high. The firm will generate power more than the required power of the province, Guimaras Governor Felipe Hilan Nava said.

Guimaras has a total requirement of 6 MW for its households, offices, resorts among others. Excess power will be sold to other power distribution firms.

The wind power farm project will also become an additional tourist attraction in the province similar to that of Ilocos Norte. The tourists will have a chance to see wind mills providing power to the entire province.

“It’s a different sight aside from the different resorts and other tourist spots in the province,” Nava said.