Toshiba has won a contract to deliver a flash steam turbine system and generator for the Kizildere III geothermal power plant in Turkey.

The plant will be built by Zorlu Energy in the Aydin province of West Anatolia, Turkey. Toshiba will provide the generation equipment in December this year.

With increase in population and economic development, energy consumption has been increasing steadily in Turkey, resultingin huge demand for electricity and

The Turkish government aims to generate 2,500MW of geothermal power generation capacity in 2023 against the existing 620MW.

The geothermal plants will mostly be built in the Aegean region, where there is high geothermal activity.

The 95MW triple-flash combined cycle Kizildere III geothermal power plant is claimed to be one of the largest to be built in Europe and Middle East.

The plant will integrate a 72MW flash steam generation system that utilizes steam under high pressure with a 23MW binary cycle power generation system using flash turbine exhaust steam to vaporise working fluid with lower boiling point and use it drive the turbine.

Toshiba will deliver the flash steam turbine generator and US-based Ormat Technologies, a partner of Toshiba in other geothermal projects, will supply the binary system.

Prior to this project, Toshiba had also won the order to supply a similar flash power generation system for Alasehir Geothermal Power Plant in 2013, which was also built by Zurlu Energy.

The Alasehir geothermal project was completed and was put into operations in September last year.