Toshiba Corp and GE have announced a strategic alliance to manufacture steam turbine airfoils. Under the agreement the two companies will set up joint ventures in Mexico and Japan to produce the airfoils.

The Mexican joint venture, GE Toshiba Components de Mexico SRL de CV, will be 66 per cent owned by GE and 34 per cent owned by Toshiba. It is expected to begin production of medium and short airfoils in the second quarter of 1999.

The Japanese joint venture, Toshiba GE Turbine Components Ltd, will be built within the site of the Keihin Works, Toshiba’s power component facility in Tsurumi. It will be 51 per cent owned by Toshiba and 49 per cent owned by GE. Construction of long airfoils will begin in the second quarter of 1999.

GE and Toshiba have had a power generation manufacturing alliance since 1956. This year, they signed a deal to share risks and revenues for the H-System combined cycle technology.