Netherland based tidal energy company Tocardo will start testing four 250kW T2 bi-directional turbines in the Minas Passage of Canada’s Bay of Fundy in late 2017.

The company will carry out in-water testing of the turbines at the Fundy Ocean Resource Centre for Energy (FORCE) in the Minas Passage.

Tocardo president Hans Van Breugel said: “We are looking forward to demonstrating Tocardo’s capabilities in North America and hope to make Nova Scotia the centre of our future manufacturing operations.”

During the in-water testing, the turbines will be attached to Tocardo’s semi-submersible Universal Floating Platform Structure.

The platforms will be held in place by catenary mooring systems with each turbine having a power output of one megawatt.

There will be four UFS platforms which will have combined power output of 4MW and Minas Energy has signed power purchase agreeement for the same.

In July, Tocardo had signed a deal with Minas Energy and International Marine Energy (IME)to create Minas Tidal Limited Partnership (MTLP or Minas Tidal) or for testing of its tidal energy technology in the Bay of Fundy, near Nova Scotia shore.

IME chief financial officer Jane Lowrie said: “Minas Tidal presents a unique opportunity for our groups to work together, combining our respective expertise to build a Nova Scotian project development team, which will allow us to contribute to the development of Nova Scotia’s considerable tidal energy potential.”

Minas Tidal has already started negotiation with fabricators, marine contractors, system integrators, engineers and scientists.

Ahead of testing, the partnership will consult with First Nations, the fisheries industry, regulators, and communities to meet regulatory requirements.

Tocardo CEO Hans van Breugel said: “The EMEC project is a breakthrough for Tocardo’s careful roll out of our technology moving from near inshore towards offshore.

“With multiple turbines operational in low, moderate and extreme high tidal flows we now feel comfortable to go offshore. The EMEC opportunity will boost the implementation of Tocardo’s commercial roll out. Tocardo is pleased to be back in Scotland and looking forward for a long and lasting partnership with EMEC.”

Image: Tocardo will start testing four 250kW T2 bi-directional turbines in the Minas Passage. Photo courtesy of Tocardo International BV