SunSun Lighting has received $10m loan from GSR Ventures to establish itself as a solid state lighting company.

The company will utilize its PowerXplore technology to enhance the technology portfolio of its products.

Earlier this year, SunSun launched a 9-watt LED global bulb based on the company’s technology.

The technology integrates four key functions which in turn improves the performance of the LED driving system and power conversion efficacy and also lowers manufacturing costs.

SunSun also makes LED lamps, lighting management systems and fixtures with integrated LED lighting for the commercial, office and residential lighting markets.

The company has also begun building a manufacturing plant with the capacity to produce 30 million LED bulbs a year.

GSR Ventures founder and managing director Sonny Wu said SunSun Lighting can produce LED bulb with the highest lumen efficiency and the lowest cost.

"In five years, SunSun could become a world-class solid state lighting company," Wu added.