US firm SunLink has partnered with Indian engineering firm Ganges Internationale (GIPL) to jointly accelerate the deployment of solar power capacity in the South Asian country.

The joint venture deal comes as SunLink seeks to push forward with the White House commitment that it agreed earlier to help deployment of 1.4GW of solar capacity in India over the next five years.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ganges Internationale will be responsible for manufacturing, installing and providing operation and maintenance (O&M) services for SunLink’s TechTrack single-axis trackers.

SunLink, however, will give Ganges and its customers access to its PowerCare engineering services and VERTEX software platform.

SunLink CEO Michael Maulick said: “Our technology is proven, Ganges ability to implement is proven, and with our combined forces, we’re tackling projects at an accelerating rate.”

The deal will contribute to the country’s aim to have 175GW of renewable power generation capacity by 2022.

Ganges Internationale CEO Vinay Goyal said: “Ganges has demonstrated a commitment to solar energy by diversifying our business to become a major provider of fixed tilt systems in India.

“Integrating SunLink’s tracker technology with our well-established manufacturing capabilities promises to bring not only more local jobs but increased solar capacity to help meet our country’s clean energy goals.”

SunLink and Ganges Internationale are currently working on a tracker project in the Northwest of Bengaluru city, Karnataka, a state in India.

In June, the US announced 5,400MW of new commitments from the domestic companies, which seek to invest in renewable energy projects in India.ebr