Recently, SUNGROW brand inverters have been deployed in a number of PV projects in this country, including a 5MW application in Rajasthan.

As one of the emerging PV markets, India is a key chapter of Sungrow’s overseas expansion strategy due to its abundant solar resource and huge energy demand.

Sungrow authorised CTDI, a global engineering, repair, logistics and service supplier, as the local service contractor in India.

CTDI India country manager Anil Rai said the company has partnered with Sungrow, which is one of the leaders in Solar PV market.

"CTDI will support Sungrow in a more comprehensive way in the wake of Sungrow’s rapid growth in India in the near future," Rai added.

Sungrow Power Supply manufactures power supply equipment for solar PV and wind power projects, including PV inverters, wind power converters, and distributed power supply.