Sun Bergeron, a joint venture between Sun Recycling and Bergeron has secured a contract for the solid waste disposal in the city of Miramar South Florida.

As per the contract, the company will handle processing, recycling and disposal of solid waste municipal in Miramar besides offering various recycling options for construction, bulk, and vegetative waste.

Sun Bergeron president says Ron Bergeron Sr., said, "We are committed to bringing innovative processes and technology to Broward County to provide the most environmentally friendly methods of waste disposal available in the United States today."

Achieving zero waste will be one of the objectives for Sun Bergeron as it looks to optimize diversion and recycling such that much of the waste is reused and landfill minimized.

The city is hopeful of making multi-million dollar savings by offering Sun Bergeron the said contract and is expected to pass on the same to the taxpayers.