GEH has shipped two units to TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant. Two additional units are scheduled to ship to the plant later this year. GEH has additional commitments to support systems for Chugoku Electric Power Company’s two Shimane plants, and Tohoku Electric Power Company’s Onagawa and Higashidori plants.

"We’re pleased to support the specific needs of our customers in Japan with this reliable safety enhancement," said Lance Hall, senior vice president, Nuclear Services and Fuels, GEH.

GEH and ClydeUnion Pumps have a teaming agreement to offer the TWL pumps, which feature a unique and compact design, simplified turbine controls, reduced maintenance requirements and the ability to operate with no external electrical power.

As part of this high pressure alternate coolant reactor safety enhancement solution, GEH offers specifications for design, material, fabrication and quality and project management services.