Strathmore Minerals has signed a contract with Behre Dolbear and Company (USA) to complete a scoping study, also known as a preliminary economic assessment, for its Church Rock uranium deposit in McKinley County, New Mexico.

Behre Dolbear will prepare a phased study that will evaluate the extraction of uranium by both In-Situ Recovery (ISR) and conventional underground techniques.

This study will provide Strathmore with an independent review of mining alternatives for determining the best option for advancing this project and enhancing shareholder value.

The preparation of this scoping study represents a significant first step for renewing an effective development plan for the Church Rock resource.

Phase I, which includes a background review of the property, geology and resources, in addition to a general review of ISR and underground mine development findings is underway.

Phase II will examine the project economics, environmental and permitting issues, and related project inputs.