Atlanta-based Southern Company has captured carbon dioxide from one of its power plants that advances the development of technology needed for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power generation.

The research accomplishment was achieved this month at subsidiary Georgia Power’s Plant Yates near Newnan, Georgia.

The pilot-scale project at Plant Yates, which uses a capture system developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), will provide additional process improvements before the technology is demonstrated next year at a much larger 25MW scale at Plant Barry, which is owned and operated by Southern Company subsidiary Alabama Power near Mobile, Alabama.

During the pilot at Plant Yates, a small amount of carbon dioxide was captured, using a solvent that absorbs CO2, and then returned to the plant’s flue gas.

At Plant Barry, the carbon dioxide will be compressed and transported via pipeline to deep underground storage formations.

The test at Plant Yates will help confirm MHI’s emission-control design and provide other findings important to the much larger-scale work next year at the Plant Barry test, which represents a demonstration of a start-to-finish power plant carbon capture and storage system.