South Korea's Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) has temporarily suspended operations at two of its nuclear reactors and postponed the start of two more reactors in the country, following an allegation involving supply of fake parts.

As part of its precautionary step and investigation, NSSC, is halting operations at nuclear reactors or is delaying the start and restart of new and old nuclear reactors, after it was discovered that parts were supplied to nuclear plants under fake certificates.

The latest development will lead to 10 of 23 nuclear go offline for various reasons, reported AFP.

Electricity generated from the nuclear plants cover over 35% of the total national electricity needs.

NSSC has shutdown a nuclear reactor at the Gori nuclear complex and another at the Wolseong plant, after it noted that both the plants had used parts supplied with forged quality warranties.

The commission has also postponed the restart of a reactor that was shutdown, following a scheduled maintenance at Gori and has delayed the start of a new reactor at Wolseong.