SolarWorld will debut an integrated alternating-current (AC) solar panel at the trade show Solar Power International.

The company will unveil the SolarWorld AC Module – available for purchase early next year – at its booth at the largest trade show in the Americas from Sept. 12 through 15 in Las Vegas.

By integrating the microinverter and eliminating the need to install a centralized string inverter, the SolarWorld AC Module will:

Speed installations and simplify logistics, reducing installation labor costs and therefore system costs.

Increase safety during installation and operation.

Offer module-level optimization and therefore enhance power output.

Meet NEC 2014 and 2017 690.12 rapid-shutdown requirements.

Enable in-field replacement and upgrade.

The company developed the new AC module in concert with Enphase Energy Inc., a global energy technology company that is providing its sixth generation microinverter technology for the new module. Enphase will unveil the lighter weight, higher efficiency microinverters at Solar Power International next week.

“In all cases, we strive to meet the needs of our installation partners and, in turn, their customers,” said Mukesh Dulani, U.S. president of SolarWorld. “We continuously aim to lead with innovations that lower system costs as well as enhance our product portfolio to provide maximum flexibility in meeting customer needs.”