SolarCity, a provider of solar power system design, installation and monitoring services, has acquired the assets of Building Solutions, a California-based energy efficiency services and technology provider, which will allow SolarCity to roll out energy saving services to customers across its service area.

SolarCity plans to extend integrated solar and energy efficiency services such as home energy evaluations, efficient heating, cooling and lighting, water heating, and duct and building envelope sealing across its service areas in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Texas.

The company said that it will build on its strengths in financing, energy monitoring and customer service to provide additional ways for homeowners to save money by addressing a set of their energy needs. When the integration is complete, SolarCity expects to be able to complete hundreds of energy efficiency projects each month.

Both SolarCity and Building Solutions have developed software portfolios to support their service offerings. SolarCity will integrate its proprietary solar project modeling, management and monitoring software with Building Solutions’ web-based energy efficiency assessment software to create a new analytical tool.

SolarCity will calculate and present energy and cost-saving recommendations to homeowners based on their homes’ architecture, electricity and gas usage, ventilation, appliance selection, heating and cooling equipment and a range of other factors.

SolarCity’s PowerGuide remote energy usage monitoring platform will also help customers identify additional opportunities to save energy and money even after efficiency improvements have been made, the company said.

SolarCity’s acquisition of Building Solutions’ assets follows a close partnership in which Building Solutions provided home energy evaluations to SolarCity customers. Every Building Solutions employee has been retained by SolarCity, and no SolarCity positions will be eliminated as a result of the acquisition.

Peter Rive, co-founder and chief operating officer of SolarCity, said: ”Our new services will help customers reduce their total energy bills by addressing natural gas usage as well as electricity. Building Solutions has built the most advanced set of software tools for assessing energy efficiency return-on-investment that we’ve seen.

”This integrated software platform, combined with the momentum from emerging financing mechanisms like Pace, will enable us to make energy efficiency services far more affordable and accessible.”