US-based Sionix Corp, designer of advanced mobile water treatment systems, has unveiled testing plans for Sionix' Mobile Water Treatment Systems (MWTS).

Sionix plans to test each component of the MWTS individually to assure proper pressures, flows and volumes, during the next two weeks.

The company recently re-conditioned a MWTS previously constructed and will use this unit for the tests.

The MWTS will be assembled for a comprehensive battery of wet tests, which is expected to demonstrate the MWTS’ ability to remove a variety of contaminants including non-radioactive isotopes of Lead (Pb), Iodine (I), and Cesium (Ce).

The company expects to remove these contaminants in Japan, that are of similar atomic weight and structure as the radioactive isotopes.

These three elements have been identified by Japanese authorities as the predominant radionuclides present in some of their drinking water sources.

The company expects to have completed the testing by the first week of June.