Wood Group's clean energy subsidiary, SgurrEnergy stated that it has supported JP Morgan Asset Management as the technical and commercial advisor in acquiring the Terra Firma UK onshore wind farm portfolio.

The portfolio is one of the UK’s largest onshore wind portfolios, comprising 343MW of installed capacity across 19 sites, in addition to a 66MW project that is expected to be online later this month.

As part of the scope of work, SgurrEnergy’s engineers and consultants provided comprehensive due diligence combined with SgurrOptimiser techniques to assess the potential for improving output, reducing Opex and extending asset life across the portfolio of wind projects.

SgurrEnergy principal financial analyst David Cunningham said: “Our ability to understand and characterise wind and its relationship with the turbine allows for a full assessment of where we can provide effective solutions to improve financial returns for investors.

“By using SgurrOptimiser, investors are made aware at an earlier stage where the risks are and what returns can be made, allowing them to bid more effectively.”