Select Energy Services (SES) has been selected by Oasys Water, a provider of forward osmosis technology that lowers the cost to reuse water, as the exclusive operator of Oasys’ technology in the Permian Basin, for two years.

SES will use Oasys Water’s Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBC) to treat high saline produced waters from hydraulic fracturing activities.

The MBC uses the principles of forward osmosis, a natural process that draws fresh water across a semi-permeable barrier to produce potable quality water.

SES CEO John Schmitz said the capital cost of the Oasys system gives our customers an effective and sustainable option to offset the costs of deep well injection.

Currently, the oil and gas industry manages high salt content waste water, or brine, produced by hydraulic fracturing by either removing it from the water cycle through disposal into injection wells, or by treating the water using evaporation.

US-based SES is a provider of engineered water solutions to the oil and gas industry.