Swedish biofuel firm Sekab has entered into a partnership with Russian bio-ethanol producer Wine & Agro to introduce latter's bio-ethanol in the European market.

Under the partnership, Sekab will provide its supply and logistic services to distribute the bio-ethanol at an optimal price/performance ratio.

The company claims that the limited production of bio-fuel in Europe could work in favor of the alliance that will provide the domestic customers with more choices.

Sekab market development senior vice president Ylwa Alwarsdotter said the company is pleased with the partnership through which it aims to offer its customers with ethanol of the significant quality that the company claims was lacking in the market.

"The new partnership broadens SEKAB’s extensive product portfolio and further strengthens the company’s position as a market leader for ethanol based chemicals and biofuels," added Alwarsdotter.

Wine & Agro, meanwhile, owns a state-of-the-art export harbor for ethanol in Russia and a newly built special ethanol terminal in Vyborg.