The Scottish government has granted planning consent for Falck Renewables' 35MW Millennium South wind farm extension in the Highlands.

Scotland Minister for business, innovation and energy Paul Wheelhouse agreed with the findings of the public local inquiry reporters to grant approval.

The wind power project, situated near Fort Augustus, will feature 10 turbines with a power generating capacity of 35MW.

It is an extension to the 65MW Millennium wind farm, which was completed by Falck Renewables in 2011.

The wind farm is expected to generate about £4m, which will be distributed equally among local communities.

It is also expected to create 40-50 full time construction jobs and 1-2 jobs during the operation period. The extension is expected to produce enough electricity to power about 20,000 Scottish homes.

Wheelhouse said: “Renewable energy sources generated a record 56.7% of gross electricity consumption in Scotland in 2015, helping support our world-leading ambitions to become a low-carbon economy.

“The growth of onshore wind in recent years has been a key factor in the expansion of renewable energy in Scotland: creating jobs, providing secure and low-carbon energy and delivering significant local benefits and it will remain a key contributor to our continued transition to a low carbon energy system, supported by a range of renewable energy technologies.”

Falck Renewables chief executive Toni Volpe noted that the announcement reflects the government’s commitment towards renewable energy in the region and can create a platform for much more efficient and effective clean energy projects in the future.

He said: “As the Scottish Government suggested in its recent onshore wind policy statement, we will continue to work to develop innovative schemes to create new community benefit packages that reflect evolving business models and support local people.”

Image: The Scottish government approves Millennium wind farm extension. Photo: Courtesy of Maxim Weise/