S&C Electric Europe has secured a contract to supply reactive compensation to EDF Energy Renewables onshore Fallago Rig wind farm in the UK.

The wind farm will employ 48 turbines delivering 144MW of renewable electricity and is expected to meet the power needs of 90,000 households in the region.

As part of the deal, S&C will provide all required network studies to meet the National Grid’s Grid Code requirements.

S&C will also supply a 60MVAR PureWave DSTATCOM Distributed Static Compensator to reduce the voltage variations such as flickers, surges and sags of the wind farm.

The DSTATCOM will use the integral SCADA control room within the container to minimize the need for valuable substation space.

The S&C system will be designed to meet the UK’s compliance testing requirements.

EDF Energy renewables onshore construction head Don Mackay said, "The technology and consultancy from S&C has allowed us to meet the National Grid’s rigorous grid protocol necessary for the Fallago Rig wind farm to fulfill its role as a major energy supplier."