S&C Electric Company has strategically allied with Doble Engineering Company to expand its existing asset management capabilities and monitor all critical equipment across its operations in Chicago, US.

The company will use Doble’s dobleARMSTM for collecting real-time data on the condition of substation equipment via pre-installed sensors and identifying and correcting any equipment issues and extending the life of the power equipment.

Doble Engineering Company Strategy and Solutions vice president Donald Angell said dobleARMSTM goes beyond condition-based maintenance by providing real-time event notifications built around a sophisticated suite of analytical tools that integrate and interpret power equipment data.

"Similar to a car’s ‘check engine’ light coming on, our system will notify S&C of specific issues with critical power equipment so that they can respond to concerns and fix any problems, " Angell added.

The alliance between the companies will help S&C provide secure cloud-based monitoring for several critical substation assets, including power transformers and circuit breakers and S&C’s IntelliTeam solutions.

S&C Power Systems Services vice president Wanda Reder said problems with critical substation assets can result in prolonged outages that impact consumers and large power users such as data centers, manufacturing plants, schools and hospitals.

"Through our alliance with Doble, S&C is able to provide a total asset management solution for these customers’ substations," Reder added.

S&C technical experts will proactively monitor the equipment 24 hours a day from its Global Support & Monitoring Center and to provide solutions and field services to resolve equipment issues.