RWE Power, BASF, and The Linde Group have agreed on the development of new processes for capturing CO2 from combustion gases in coal-fired power plants.

The co-operation will comprise the construction and operation of a pilot facility at the lignite-fired power plant of RWE Power in Niederaussem to test new developments and solvents from BASF for the capture of CO2, so-called CO2 scrubbing. Linde will be responsible for the engineering and the construction of the pilot facility.

Dr Johannes Lambertz, board member of RWE Power, said: We are accepting the challenges of climate protection and want to be proactive in pushing all the available options for the reduction and avoidance of CO2. We are confident that, together with our partners, we will soon be developing the process of CO2 capture to commercial maturity so that this technology can be deployed in new and existing modern coal-fired power plants in the future.