Ice-exploration expedition «Khatanga-Winter 2017» organized by Rosneft Oil Company(Rosneft) together with the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and Arctic Research Centre completed field studies in the Khatanga Bay and the southern part of the Laptev Sea.

A comprehensive study of the Arctic region was conducted for the first time at the newest year-round scientific and research base of Rosneft located on the shore of the Khara-Tumus Peninsula in the Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea.

During the expedition, which lasted about two months, the scientists studied in detail and determined the morphometric parameters of the ice cover and the internal structure of hummocks and stamukhas, as well as the dynamic characteristics of the ice cover (the speed and direction of ice drift) and the physical and mechanical properties of the ice, the nature of weather and water masses.

The Company's experts assessed the positional relation of ice formations and described the ice cover. 40 drifting buoys were set upon the ice.

The research was conducted at 40 ice bases. Within the expedition framework 23 hummocks and 17 stamukhas were explored, over a thousand assessments of ice structural behavior were performed, 80 core samples of ice were taken in order to determine its physical properties.

The researchers used a helicopter Mi-8???, as well as unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles.

«Khatanga-Winter 2017» is the third ice-exploration expedition of the Company to the Ust-Olenek and Ust-Lensk licence areas and the first one to the Khatanga licence area.

All the works conducted were carried out taking into account strict requirements for environmental and industrial safety.