Around 115 miners were trapped for about six hours after an underground coal mine in Khalari, Jharkhand, India caved in.

All the workers however managed to escape through the dispatch exit which was 100m from the main entrance.

The roof caved 30m from the main entrance trapping the miners.

Times of India cited Churi coalfields mining manager S S Prasad as saying: "The roof was in good shape till Tuesday.

"However, one miner saw some leakage on it while entering the mine this morning. It caved in moments later.

"The miners, who were at least 1.5km inside the mine, were immediately relayed the information through wireless service. They were asked not to panic and were guided out through the emergency exit."

The Churi mine, where the incident happened is the only underground mine in Khalari and has been operational since 1892, and according to reports this was the first accident in Churi in its three-decades of operations.