KBR subsidiary Roberts & Schaefer (R&S) has received a $9.1m contract to build a petroleum coker (pet coke) material handling system at Motiva Enterprises (Motiva) Port Arthur Refinery in Texas, US.

The new facility will help increase the refinery capacity to 600,000 barrels per day in 2012.

R&S will install, start-up and test the pet coke system and will also provide on-site construction management and technical support for commissioning/testing.

KBR Minerals vice president Ted Wziontek said the Motiva Port Arthur refinery expansion project is of vital importance to Motiva and the Southeast Texas region.

"I am confident that R&S’ comprehensive knowledge of the project, combined with our unique experience and capabilities will provide the best value on this short cycle release project for Motiva." Wziontek said.

Previously, the company has also executed the engineering and procurement phase of the project.