Resolution Development Services has announced that they had been selected by a leading solar energy provider to develop a next generation mechanical solution to facilitate the installation of solar panels on commercial and residential properties.

A recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association states that "the United States solar market added 2,044 megawatts of new capacity in the first quarter of 2017." As the demand for solar panels grows, the need for a more cost-effective deployment solution becomes critical to driving costs down, influencing increased solar adoption, and reducing the need for fossil fuels. Resolution has been tasked to develop and certify a solution that will significantly cut deployment times and costs.

"We are excited to be working in an innovative industry such as solar technology," said Leo Carayannopoulos, CEO of Resolution Development Services. "This contract reaffirms Resolution's commitment as a leading provider of product solutions and proves that our broad product development capabilities are applicable beyond the life sciences market."