Reliant Energy, a provider of energy services, is offering free home checkups for its customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex to help promote energy efficiency and reduce home energy use.

Reliant’s Home Energy Checkup will provide customers with a personalized analysis of their electricity consumption, make energy saving suggestions and discuss plan options through one hour duration.

Upon the completion of the checkup, the customers will receive a report with energy saving tips and energy efficiency recommendations, ranging from adding insulation to installing a programmable thermostat to reduce energy loss.

Reliant vice president of customer care operations Bill Clayton said that improving a home’s energy efficiency is good for customers’ pocketbooks and the environment.

"Our service helps customers understand how they are using energy in their home and what they can do right now to be more energy efficient. That helps them manage their energy use, spend less on their electricity bills and contribute to a cleaner environment," Clayton said.