Raser Technologies, Inc. (Raser), a US based environmental energy technology company focused on geothermal power, has appointed Benjamin J. Barker as vice president of resource management of the company. He will direct the company’s efforts to identify, develop and manage its geothermal resources. Ben Barker has worked in the geothermal industry for over 30 years, assembling credentials, including senior domestic reservoir engineer for Unocal Corporation (Unocal).

Barker supervised Unocal’s geothermal resources, including the Geysers geothermal reservoir in Northern California over a 20 year period. He has since worked as a reservoir engineering consultant on numerous geothermal and petroleum developments around the world. Ben Barker has earned his PhD in petroleum engineering from Stanford University.

Brent M. Cook, Raser’s chief executive officer, welcomed Barker, “Ben is a world renowned talent in the geothermal industry and we are excited about putting his expertise to work for Raser. His breadth and depth of knowledge will greatly increase our in-house resource management capabilities and enable us to maximize our vast portfolio of geothermal resources.”