Renewable energy company Ram has successfully drilled and flow tested its Orita No 2 well located in the Imperial Valley, California.

The well was flow tested with a sustained flow rate of approximately 500,000 pounds per hour at 155psig with a bottom hole temperature exceeding 570 Deg F.

Typically, wells with a flowing temperature and flow rate as measured at Orita No 2 are considered very viable for commercial power generation.

The Orita No 2 well validates Ram Power’s resource thesis in the Imperial Valley, and confirms the existence of a substantial high temperature fluid reservoir earlier encountered in the 1980’s with the drilling of the Emanuelli #1 well.

In the first quarter of 2011, the company will continue its Imperial Valley exploration program with the commencement of drilling on a production well at the previously drilled and proven Emanuelli #2 well location.

The Imperial Valley exploration drilling program is initially focused on developing the geothermal resources needed for the development of a 50MW power generation facility.

Two subsequent Phases, each of which is planned as a 50MW power generation facility, will follow successful completion of Phase I.
The company holds geothermal energy rights to approximately 7,300 acres in the Imperial Valley.

Permits have already been obtained for the Phase II and Phase III project sites, which have the potential of 100MW under a power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison.