Italy-based Prysmian plans to launch P-Laser, a high-performance eco-sustainable medium voltage cable for electrical grids.

P-Laser, made with raw materials that are recyclable, helps to reduce the environmental impact of electrical grids while increasing their efficiency and transmission capacity.

The HPTE insulating system of P-Laser cables uses thermoplastic materials unlike traditional XLPE cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation.

Prysmian chief commercial officer Fabio Romeo said that the company’s aim with P-Laser is to partner utilities engaged in upgrading and developing their electrical grids while seeking to reduce the environmental impact of such grids.

P-Laser technology allows grid operators to work at temperatures above the typical 90 degrees Celsius as usual with XLPE traditional technology.

Prysmian, with P-Laser, has secured a contract to supply Enel with 1,200km in medium voltage tripolar power cable over a two year period.