Prysm, a provider of Laser Phosphor Displays (LPD’s), has launched its new online Environmental Cost of Operation (ECO) calculator, that analyzes the total energy consumption of major display technologies compared to Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) panels.

The new calculator assesses both the environmental impact of various format displays and the amount of savings that can be achieved with LPDs, to assist consumers in purchasing the low environmental and financial cost display technologies, the company said.

Prysm claimed that its new online tool demonstrates that LPDs can achieve over 75% in cost savings compared to conventional display technologies.

Prysm’s ECO calculator compares LPD to LCD, LED, Plasma, LED rear projection and large format projection displays to evaluate energy consumption and energy costs during operation and for cooling. In addition, this tool can measure the amount of greenhouse gases produced by a single display technology.

According to Prysm, its LPD panels are built utilizing toxic-free manufacturing processes, minimizing energy and water usage and requiring no regulated materials.

Furthermore, the panels do not require supplemental subsystems such as HVAC for cooling/heat dissipation that add to the operational cost and extend the environmental impact.

Amit Jain, CEO for Prysm, said: ”Today, increasingly more people are and have to be aware of their environmental footprint, so we sought to create a tool that anyone can use to evaluate the environmental costs before selecting the best display technology.

”With the ECO calculator, the advantages of our LPD technology in terms of costs and energy consumption are truly demonstrated to outperform all of the major large format display technologies.”