Together with its project partner Siemens, Vattenfall and Stadtwerke Munchen (SWM) have developed an optimized concept for the construction and commissioning of 72 wind turbines of the offshore wind farm Sandbank.

Compared to the original plans is shortened thereby the period from setting up the first wind power plant to full commissioning of the recent wind power plant by an estimated 89 days (-23 percent).

Possible time saved is, among other things through the use of a modified type of ship that combines the placement and transfer of the construction team to the wind turbines in itself. This combined hotel and transfer vessel has a special gangway system, commissioning teams to exceed directly to the wind turbines from which. The system also compensates for the wave induced vessel movements from such that the overhead walkways are much safer and can be done even with wave heights of up to 2.5 meters. This work on the offshore wind turbines under weather conditions are now possible, in which the teams had been sidelined due to "bad weather" – especially in autumn and winter. The new concept also stipulates that the 24-hour operation can be carried out. With the start of construction of wind turbines for Sandbank this concept comes from August 2016 for the first time as planned in the North Sea for use.

For this purpose, says Gunnar Groebler , chief of the division Wind Vattenfall: "The construction of offshore wind farms has since the beginning of this young industrial sector undergoing rapid technological development in just a few years. This is now steadily continue, also in the area of operation and maintenance of wind power plants at sea. I am sure that this will be a positive impact on costs and competitiveness, especially of future offshore projects. Because we need real competition to achieve further cost reductions – also with the ultimate acceptance for this technology to secure the long term ".

Dr. Florian Bieberbach , Chairman of SWM’s management: "efforts to raise wind farms faster and cheaper in the operational phase, there is a long time. Many small improvements in this direction has already realized the industry. But the logistics makes a big step. Longer work phases that are independent of the weather and need not be interrupted by transfers, are an enormous advantage. We are pleased to progress as these actively pursued together with our partners in order to advance the offshore wind power -. As an industry and as a reliable mainstay of secure energy supplies "

Michael Hannibal , CEO of Offshore Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division: "To reduce the cost of offshore wind power further, we continuously improve our products and of course our logistical processes. This ranges from transport solutions to accommodation and all-weather access roads for our technicians. Sandbank is one of the first projects to benefit sustainably from these improvements. "

Current situation of the sandbar project

In April the installation of the offshore transformer station on the Sandbank Seebaustelle 90 km off Sylt done. In addition, the work on the Inner Park cabling in full swing, as the production of nacelles, hubs and rotor blades for wind turbines. Already in mid-February 2016 was the installation of all 72 foundations for the wind turbines will be completed successfully.