PMFG, a provider of engineering solutions for energy industry, has secured two new material contracts, worth a combined value of more than $9m.

The company said both contracts will be reflected within its environmental systems reporting segment.

Under the first contract, PMFG will provide a SCR system that will be retrofitted into a biomass-fired utility boiler in the northeastern US for NOx emission reductions.

The project includes modifications to the existing SNCR system to improve its efficiency.

The second contract is for two SCR systems to be installed on a combined-cycle power plant in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.

PMFG chairman and chief executive officer Peter Burlage said the first order was made possible by the company’s recent acquisition of Combustion Components Associates, which is now operating under the name CCA Combustion Systems and is part of its Environmental Systems reporting segment.

"CCA Combustion Systems can optimize the performance of the combustion process and further reduce emissions through SNCR or SCR to achieve an optimal solution," Burlage said.