Plymouth City Centre Company has launched a new retailer recycling scheme, by means of which up to six tonnes of commercial waste could be diverted from landfill every week.

The new recycling scheme for retailers will collect paper and cardboard waste on a weekly basis. The service is being offered free of charge by Plymouth City Centre Company to retailers in the city’s business improvement district (BID) as part of the new five year business plan, launched in April 2010.

Over 70 retailers have already signed up for the scheme, which could divert around 300 tonnes of waste a year from landfill and save them money on commercial waste collection.

Clint Jones, manager of Plymouth City Centre, said: “Our new recycling scheme for retailers will help both financially and environmentally. Firstly it will help reduce business costs by diverting paper and card away from the commercial waste collection they pay for, making collection of residual waste cheaper.

“Secondly, it will help reduce their environmental impact by ensuring as much retail waste as possible is recycled.”

Vivien Pengelly, leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “Plymouth residents have benefitted from a fantastic household recycling scheme for many years. It is wonderful to see a recycling service now being offered to city retailers, which will help lower their overheads and keep waste out of landfill.”

Retailers who have already signed up to the recycling scheme have received their bins this week. The first collections will be made on May 26.