Pitchstone Exploration has completed a reverse circulation drilling program on the Dome property in Namibia and a core drilling program on the Gumboot, Johnston Lake and Candle properties in the eastern Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan.

Eighteen of thirty one drill holes in Namibia have tested calcrete targets and intersections of radioactive calcrete similar to that intersected in 2009 drill hole DN09-23 (352ppm U3O8 over 1m) were observed in six of the 10 holes drilled in the Marble Ridge zone.

This radioactivity is continuous over at least 400m and is open in several directions.

A preliminary test with eight drill holes was also completed in a 36sqkm calcrete target area 17km north of the Marble Ridge zone, which suggests that all holes intersected surficial sediments 20m-40m thick, including substantial thicknesses of calcrete.

Thirteen drill holes were completed at a 6km by 2km leucogranite target area.

Eleven of these intersected leucogranite out of which, two of the holes, DN10-67 at the south end of the target area and DN10-74 at the north end, intersected particularly thick sections of leucogranite that included sporadic intervals of elevated radioactivity.

DN10-67 intersected a total of 47m of leucogranite, of which approximately 5 meters is characterized by radioactivity greater than 5 times background (Radeye hand-held scintillometer).

DN10-74 intersected 98.5 meters of leucogranite, of which approximately 3 meters is characterized by radioactivity greater than five times background.

Geochemical analysis are required to confirm that the radioactivity is due to uranium.

At Johnston Lake, elevated radioactivity was observed in a faulted, clay and chlorite altered interval of basement rocks immediately below the sub-Athabasca unconformity in drill hole JL10-21.

The altered zone is interpreted as an extension of uranium mineralization with similar alteration intersected in a drill hole completed by previous operators in 1988.

The 1988 drill hole intersected 0.48% U3O8 over 0.25m, 10m below the unconformity.

Other drilling completed during the program included a second hole at the Johnston Lake property that targeted a previously untested 2.4km long conductor.

The program also included one hole on the south end of the Gumboot alteration zone, and one hole on an under-explored portion of the 97H conductor on the Candle property.