Atlantis Resources, the UK-based tidal power company has secured full accreditation from Ofgem for its Phase 1A of the MeyGen project, under the Renewables Obligations (Scotland) order.

The decision has been made in respect of the 6MW tidal stream generating station at the Ness of Quoys in Caithness, which commenced commercial operation in November 2016.

The MeyGen project will now be issued with five Renewables Obligations Certificates (ROCs) for every MWh of renewable electricity generated by the station.

The AR1500 tidal stream turbine has recently been deployed at MeyGen and has already successfully exported power to the grid and has operated at full power.

The AR1500 is the fourth turbine that has been deployed offshore and connected to the grid onshore at the Ness of Quoys, where power from the project is converted and combined to form a 6MW grid compliant tidal stream power station which directly supplies energy to the local electricity distribution network in Caithness.

Atlantis Resources CEO Tim Cornelius said: “The granting of full accreditation for Phase 1A of the MeyGen project represents a truly historic milestone for the MeyGen project, Atlantis and everyone associated with the tidal power sector in the United Kingdom.

"The project has gone from strength to strength over the past 24 months and even greater strides will now be made as we prepare for construction of the next phase of the MeyGen project to start later this year. This is a truly momentous occasion for all involved.”