Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras reports the discovery of oil accumulation in the Campos Basin’s pre-salt layer, in the area of Marlim Sul field.

This is the first commercial discovery of oil in the pre-salt layer of the Marlim Sul area. The discovery occurred during drilling of well 6-BRSA-1349-RJS (ANP nomenclature) / 6-MLS-233-RJS (Petrobras nomenclature), informally known as Poraque Alto, at final depth of 4,568 m.

The well which identified the discovery is located 115 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro State, at 1,107 m water depth. 

The discovery was confirmed by profile data, gas detector, formation testing by cable, and fluid samples. The analysis of current data indicates carbonate reservoirs of good porosity and permeability features, at 4,420 m depth and 45 m thick with oil presence.

This result demonstrates the potential for new discoveries in mature basins, with production infrastructure already deployed.