The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), US, and Moxie Nein and Millcreek Township, Erie County, have signed a consent order and agreement for the remediation and reuse of a former landfill site.

Upon completion of the site clean up, which is currently underway, Moxie Nein will subdivide the site and allocate four acres for commercial and industrial activity, donating the rest to the township.

DEP regional director Kelly Burch said as part of the agreement, Millcreek Township will receive 19 acres of recreational property, valued at roughly $195,000, to be used as much-needed ball fields.

"The commitment and cooperation that the township and Moxie Nein have shown have been paramount to the success of this public-private partnership," Burch said.

DEP, through the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act fund, started a $4.1m cleanup to remove municipal and industrial waste from nearby Cascade Creek in late March.

Moxie Nein will settle the tax and mortgage issues and will have 367 days after acquiring the property to donate the recreational parcel to the township lien-free.