Peel Wind Power Ltd (Peel Wind), a unit of the Peel Group, has received approval from the Swale council for a 10 megawatt (MW) wind farm in the Port of Sheerness. The wind farm will consist of four 125 metre high turbines. In the past, decision had been deferred to gain further information. The turbines will generate enough to power around 5,500 homes. The wind farm can meet 13% of the possible wind energy target for the Kent region.

Peel Wind’s Development Manager Richard Dibley said that he was delighted that the scheme had been approved.

Dibley said: “We truly believe the industrial setting at the port is a great place for a small wind farm and are very pleased the council has approved our plans.

“The vast majority of feedback to the scheme has been extremely positive, but we recognize that a wind farm development is something new for many people.

“Over the coming months, and indeed years, we are determined to work closely with local communities and keep residents involved in the progress of the wind farm at every stage.”

However, the wind farm had been opposed by members of conservation groups including the Queenborough and Sheerness societies, as well as Queenborough Town Council.