Paradigm Oil and Gas has completed its testing and has approved for oil production field use, its first Transportable Enhanced Oil Recovery (T-EOR) Platform.

The company said that it took the delivery of the first T-EOR Platform on 29 September 2010 that is now on route to the company’s Chilson A and B properties for its first field use.

The company said that the T-EOR Platform, a new oil production system, is a turnkey integrated and portable oil recovery platform that can be deployed quickly and economically to recover oil from previously producing oil wells with known oil reserves that have not been fully developed.

The company has identified over 6,000 abandoned wells in Texas alone that are potential oil producing candidates for the T-EOR Platform.

The Chilson properties consist of 12 abandoned previously producing wells.

Commencement of field work on Chilson A was reported in the second quarter.

The work included preparing the property for production equipment which included road access, swabbing and pulling oil samples for chemical testing. The wells are now being readied to receive the T-EOR Platform.

Initially the T-EOR Platform will produce from the existing wells on a rotating weekly basis to determine their natural flow rate.

Once a base line has been established, the company plans to begin a surfactant chemical treatment that is being recommended from Oil Chem.