Pacific Rubiales Energy said that Topoyaco-2 well in the foothills of the Putumayo Basin has been drilled to a total depth of 8,700ft measured depth (MD), finding 114ft of total net oil pay sand and 125ft of oil saturated carbonates in the Villeta Formation.

This well was drilled simultaneously with the Topoyaco-1 well, as part of the original work commitment with the Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH).

The Topoyaco-2 well was spudded on 8 August 2010, and was drilled directionally with a WNW orientation, on a structural closure (closure C) immediately west of closure B, where the Topoyaco-1 is currently being drilled.

Due to hole restrictions, the final portion of the well was logged in two sections, initially from 7,690ft MD to 7,119ft MD, where the 7" casing shoe is located, and then from total depth to 7,690ft MD.

The company said that the immediate plan for the well is to set a production liner at the base of the Villeta formation and evaluate the prospective intervals, with complete production tests.