Otary RS has selected Aconex to manage project information and processes for the development of the €1.3bn Rentel offshore wind farm in Belgium.


The 288MW wind farm, which is due to be completed in 2018, is expected to generate in between 1.1GWh to 1.2GWh of energy per year, enough to Otary said Aconex’s cloud based platform is easy to use and is a Software-as-a-Service platform.

The platform will help in managing the project information as the work site is located at remote area, in 30m of water and 40km from the nearest land.

Aconex said the team should be small for such a large project. There were just 20 members as construction started and increased to 30 or 40 at peak activity.

The cloud collaboration platform will facilitate in communication and collaboration between team members, designers, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors.

It will offer the Otary project team members with access to project information and correspondence as well as existing and prior versions of documents that are stored permanently in the cloud.

Over two terabytes of project documents and more than 500 gigabytes of communications and attachments will be stored on the platform.

Otary project engineer Stijn Rabaey said: "We had used project data management systems before. They can be useful, but the real gains in time and efficiency come only when the solution has well-developed collaboration capabilities.

"These capabilities enable us to engage our contractors on the system and pass on the correct information at the right time.

"With Aconex, we hope to reduce the need for several document controllers to one on this project."

Image: The diameter of the rotors on about 50 turbines at the Rentel wind farm will each span over 150m. Photo: courtesy of