Organic Resource Management (ORMI) has signed a marketing agreement with DODA USA for all of its BioSeparator and equipment, where it applies to ORMI's patent-protected Organic Residuals Recovery System (ORRS), for on-site liquefying and storage of organic waste.

ORMI selected the DODA BioSeparator as the premier technology for liquefying and removing trash from source separated solid food waste to create an ideal anaerobic digester (AD) feedstock for renewable energy production.

The DODA BioSeparator will be jointly marketed by DODA-USA and ORMI whenever its application falls within the scope of the company’s ORRS patents.

The ORRS patents extend to any installation where a milling device, such as the DODA BioSeparator, is used to reduce the volume of food waste by liquefying it, store the milled food waste in a storage tank and ultimately transport it offsite for disposal or recycling.

DODA and ORMI said that they are currently evaluating options for a number of North American installations.

The DODA BioSeparator’s large throughput capability, combined with its ability to separate and remove virtually all types of inorganic contaminants, makes it ideally suited for use in waste and recycling transfer stations as well as large food-waste generators such as airports, hospitals and food-courts.

In addition to its Toronto BioSeparator installation, ORMI will use the DODA BioSeparator technology in its first combined solid and liquid transfer station to be located at Woodstock Ontario.