OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeastern Europe, has started construction of the new Polyfuel unit in Petrobrazi Refinery.

The new unit will allow the conversion of LPG components into gasoline and middle distillates, using a catalytic process.

This first phase will involve building the foundations; this will require pouring approximately 3,000 cubic meters of concrete and 335 tons of steel.

“The new Polyfuel unit is an ambitious project through which high-end technologies in the refining and petrochemical industry will be available in Romania. The project is going according to plan and we expect the new unit to be fully operational at the beginning of 2019”, says Neil Anthony Morgan, OMV Petrom Executive Board member responsible for Downstream Oil.

The Polyfuel unit will allow for a shift in refinery production of up to 50,000 tonnes of LPG components, into gasoline and middle distillates. The project consists of three main reactors, several adsorbers, columns and pumps. The investment budget for this project is approx. EUR 60 mn.