Oil and Gas UK, the trade association for UK offshore oil and gas industry, in its annual Health & Safety report said that the country’s continuous improvements in the oil and gas sector are providing safer environment for its workforce.

The association in the report said that the oil and gas sector is taking measures to continuously improve workers’ safety.

There has been a 48% drop in the number of reported hydrocarbon releases over three years.

Despite being a hazardous industry, the oil and gas sector, in terms of non-fatal accidents has fared better than public sector, retail and general manufacturing industries and has been recognized as the third-best performer in the UK.

The report also indicated that there is a steady decline in the incidence of over-three day injuries to an all-time low.

Oil & Gas UK health and safety director Robert Paterson said the report indicates the industry’s commitment to continuously improve the safety of offshore workers.

"Our industry has long performed well in terms of non-fatal accidents, better than sectors that would generally be considered lower hazard, including retail and the public sector," Paterson added.

"While several major incidents have had to be addressed in the period covered by this report, non-fatal, over-three day, and combined fatal and major injury rates have all been in steady decline and cases of non-compliance with verification are at an all-time low."