“Renewable resources, which we are fortunate to have in abundance here in Nevada, are an integral part of our energy supply strategy,” said Michael Yackira, president and CEO of NV Energy. “We are involved in more than 30 renewable energy projects in Nevada and are seeking to increase that number and the amount of renewable energy in our portfolio mix for the benefit of our state as well as our customers.”

This request is consistent with the company’s ongoing plan to surpass the goals of Nevada’s Portfolio Standard (PS) that requires an increasing percentage of the electricity provided by NV Energy to its customers be from renewable sources. The new Standard, which was established by the 2009 legislative session, now requires 25% of all the company’s energy to come from renewable resources or energy efficiency measures by 2025.

The legislative session also established that, for the first time, the company can now use out-of-state resources to meet Nevada’s PS.