NuBlu Energy has begun the construction of a natural gas liquefaction plant in Port Allen, Louisiana, US.

Strategically located along the Mississippi River, NuBlu’s flagship facility will support the region’s high-horsepower fueling applications such as rail, marine, long haul transportation, power generation, gas interruption, asphalt and other energy markets.  The facility is slated to be operational and producing high-quality liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the second quarter of 2017.  Total planned capacity of the facility is 90,000 gallons per day with an initial start-up capacity of 30,000 GPD.

“This project represents the inauguration of a new direction for the LNG energy market. By “Making LNG Local”, NuBlu will foster the growth of LNG consumption for all current and future consumers of this clean energy fuel.  Our patented process allows the production of LNG at a fraction of the cost per gallon of other existing liquefaction technologies and our modular design allows the facilities to be deployed at a relatively low capital outlay.” —– Cory Duck, General Partner, NuBlu Energy.

Utilizing NuBlu’s patented technology, the first phase of the Port Allen facility will be capable of producing 30,000 gallons per day of LNG and will feature a storage capacity of 100,000 gallons.  The facility will also employ an industry leading transfer system that will allow the loading of both LNG transport trailers as well as ISO containers to meet the requirements of our regional customer base.

“Our site selection process was intense. We wanted to be positioned to meet the demands of the emerging marine market for both brown water and blue water fueling and we absolutely believe we have achieved that goal.” —– Josh Payne, General Partner, NuBlu Energy.